T124s and T86As
T124s and T86As

Photo by Dave Ellifrit

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T124E flukes
T124E flukes

Photo by Dave Ellifrit

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Photo by Jeanne Hyde

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T124s and T86As
T124s and T86As

Photo by Dave Ellifrit

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Encounter Summary: 

A passenger aboard a Washington State Ferry reported seeing whales heading west in Thatcher's Pass around 0900. Ivan Reiff went out to look for them aboard his Western Explorer and found the whales a couple of hours later off Friday Harbor. Dave left Snug Harbor aboard Chimo at 1240 arrived on scene off Jones Island at 1300.The first whale Chimo saw was T124C milling slowing south about a half mile south of Jones Island. A large group of whales was in the process of making a kill nearer to Jones Island. Another large tight group was about 3/4s of a mile southeast of Jones Island heading slowly toward the group making the kill. By 1312, T124C joined this group as they milled around at the surface. This group included the T124's, T86A's and T124A1. The brothers T124C and T124E rolled around briefing together. The T124's and T86A's group slowly approached the group still making the kill. The group who had been involved with the kill ended up being the T100's and the rest of the T124A's but members of the two groups soon began to merge. At 1330, some of the whales involved in the kill headed toward Chimo and a female was seen holding a harbor porpoise in her mouth with its flukes pointed up in the air.The whales soon began traveling west and, during a break in the action, Dave picked up Jeanne Hyde off of Peregrine. By 1345 the whales had split into two groups as they headed west toward Spieden Channel. The T86A's and all of the T124's and T124A's were in one tight group nearer to the SJI shoreline while the T100's were slightly farther offshore and moved about a quarter mile ahead of the larger group. T100 was traveling with a new calf who we will call T100F unless DFO tells us we are wrong on that one.The two groups traveled west in Spieden Channel and had entered Haro Strait by 1420. The T100's headed north while the T86A's and T124's milled some a little west of Battleship Rock and appeared to enter a resting mode. We left the T86A and T124's group at 1430 about 1 1/2 miles southeast of Tiptop Hill on Stuart Island and went up to the T100's who were now nearing Turn Point.The T100's traveled northwest toward Moresby Island and headed up Swanson Channel on the Moresby Island side. They went around the top end of Moresby Island and pointed west toward Satellite Channel. At 1555, T100C began some vigorous milling and bubble blowing so appeared to make a kill. He headed toward us with what looked like a bit of harbor seal hide sticking out of his mouth and T100B was seen with a chunk of red meat too. We left the T100's still pointed west about a mile north of Canoe Rock at 1600. We found the T86A's and T124's again ten minutes later still traveling slowly north in a tight group off Pelorus Point on Moresby Island. We left this group at 1635 a mile or so south of Mouat Point on North Pender Island still pointed north in a tight group.







Dave Ellifrit, Jeanne Hyde

T86A's, T100's, T124's, T124A's, and T124C


T100B,T100B1,T100C, T100E,T100F,T124,T124A,





Spieden Channel and

Haro Strait

48. 36.45/123.04.02




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Encounter #4 - Feb 10, 2015

Photos taken under Federal Permits