Encounter #19 - Mar 23, 2016
T124A1 spy hop
T124A1 spy hop

Photo by Melisa Pinnow


Photo by Melisa Pinnow

T102 passes onlooking Canada geese in Saanich Inlet
T102 passes onlooking Canada geese in Saanich Inlet

Photo by Dave Ellifrit

T124A1 spy hop
T124A1 spy hop

Photo by Melisa Pinnow


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Morning Star

Tom and Jane Cogan, Melisa Pinnow
Dave Ellifrit


T100's, T101's, T124A1

Saanich Inlet

48 39.6/123 30.0

48 33.4/123 31.4

Encounter Summary: 

Dave and Melisa joined Tom and Jane Cogan aboard their boat Morning Star to go see some reported transients that had entered Saanich Inlet. We got on scene around 1350 with help from Simon aboard Taku between Mill and Patricia Bays. The T100's, T101's, and T124A1 were spread out in singles and small groups heading south on the west side of the inlet. Simon had reported that the whales made at least two kills before we got there while they headed south. We saw some milling at the beginning of the encounter but could not confirm another kill. T100B was photographed carrying meat in her mouth as the whales continued south down the inlet. Most of the whales were on the west shoreline as they entered Squally Reach with most of the T100's in the lead and the T101's trailing. The whales had group up some and cut across to the other side as the inlet narrowed. About a mile and a half from the bottom of Saanich Inlet, the whales turned around and began heading north again with the T101's in the lead.
We left the whales in Squally Reach near Sheppard Point still heading north around 1545. We headed up through the Samsum Narrows to look for another group of whales that had been reported to Simon but could not find them. The T100's, T101's and T124A1 were reported to be already back in the Patricia/Mill Bay area when we gave up our search for the other whales but we headed on home due to deteriorating sea conditions.

Note: Photos are cropped