2017 Encounters

Encounter #10 - Jan 28, 2017

Photo by Mark Malleson

Photo by Mark Malleson

Photo by Mark Malleson

Photo by Mark Malleson


for Orcas

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Date: 28-Jan-17

Sequence: 1

Encounter Number: 10

Enc Start Time: 13:54

Enc End Time: 14:33

Vessel: Mike 1

Observers: Mark and Hanna Malleson

Pods or ecotype:Transients

Location: South of Sooke

Begin Lat/Long: 48 19.0/123 45.2

End Lat/Long: 48 18.9/123 49.0


Encounter Summary:

We left Victoria harbour at 1139 to go scout for whales. We first stopped south east of Race Rocks to check out a bait ball with a large number of gulls feeding and 3 bald eagles circling and diving. After scanning around for a while we continued on out the centre of the strait. At 1305 we came across ~7 Dall's porpoise which bow rode for a few minutes. We went as far as 7 miles south of Sooke and then cut across towards Sooke Basin where we spotted west bound killer whales within a couple of miles of the entrance to Sooke Harbour at 1354. They were the T085's and they were moving quite quickly (7 - 8 knots) south west bound.
We called Eagle Wing's 4 Ever Wild who was near Race Rocks at the time. We left the whales with 4EW when they arrived at 1433 and continued back to Victoria following the Canadian shoreline after a long scan with binoculars.

Photos taken under Federal Permits