2019 Encounters

Encounter #59 - September 2, 2019
Photos and video available at a later date.
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The Southern Resident orcas need your help like never before.
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Date: 02-Sep-19

Sequence: 1

Encounter Number: 59

Enc Start Time: 12:22

Enc End Time: 13:05

Vessel: Chimo

Observers: Ken Balcomb

Pods or ecotype: T41s, T100s, T109As

Location: 3 miles SW Race Rocks

Begin Lat/Long: 48 16.965N/123 33.441W

End Lat/Long: 48 18.1`43N/123 34.531W

Encounter Summary:

Ken was preparing for delivery of "Chimo" to Port Angeles for maintenance when notice came over the trunk radio that a large group of Black and Whites were sighted southwest of Race Rocks. We were hoping that this was the return of the SRKW, but a few minutes later it was announced that they were Transient ecotype. Ken departed Snug Harbor at 1120 and headed out to intercept the whales before continuing on to Port Angeles. At 1218 near Race Rocks, a few whale watch boats could be seen in the far distance southwest of the rocks, and at 1222 the whales appeared in a tight group a quarter mile north of the boats. The encounter ensued, with "Chimo" operating at idle speed for forty minutes as the whales were very mellow and traveling toward the rocks while the tide ebbed and pushed them westward. There were at times two groupings a few hundred meters apart, and the total appeared to be 15-20 whales. If all of the whales from each matriline were present there would have been 18 whales in the two groups. We are still analyzing the photos, to verify that all of the young whales were present. "Chimo" then continued on to Port Angeles for maintenance.

Notes-Comments: A brief video clip was taken and will be available on the website later.

Photos taken under Federal Permits