K42 breach
K42 breach

Photo by Michelle Thompson

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Photo by Stewart Macintyre

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Photo by Stewart Macintyre

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K42 breach
K42 breach

Photo by Michelle Thompson

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Encounter Summary: 

Jeanne Hyde called Dave at home late morning to relay a report of a lot of whales that appeared south of Lime Kiln as the fog receded and that J2, L87, the J14's, J19's and K14's were heading south from Turn Point. Dave, Stewart, and Michelle headed down to Snug Harbor and left aboard Orca at 1205.
Orca got on scene at 1208 right in Mitchell Bay and the north bound and south bound groups had already met and were all heading south again. The whales were spread out in groups and moving south at a medium speed. Most of the whales moved inshore near Smugglers Cove and began porpoising down the Andrews Bay shoreline. The mixed groups we were seeing included all the whales that had originally been heading south along with members the K12's, K13's, K14's, and the L86's. After having these whales blast past us again off the County Park, we headed down to south of Hannah Heights and waited for the south bound whales to arrive. When they did, we saw some spread out members of the K14's and L47's before finding a small group off Kanaka Bay that included K13, K14, K27, and K36. Nearby, we found a loose group that included the J19's, K20's, and J40. Further south off the south end of False Bay, we found K22 and K33 traveling south loosely spread.
After looking around for more whales for a while, we found J27 and J39 traveling south together off Eagle Point. J39 breached once as we were leaving these two. At about 1450, we moved inshore and found the J16's and J31 spread out and foraging off South Beach. J26 and J42 moved offshore and formed a loose group with L27, L86, and L106. J26 and L106 briefly rolled around with one another. A little north of Salmon Bank, the J16's minus J26 formed a tight group as they moved south of the Salmon Bank buoy.
A couple miles offshore, there were two large groups that were being watched by the bulk of the whale watch fleet. One group included the J14's, K14's, and L87 and they were pointed northwest. An even larger tight group that included the J11's, J19's, J35's, K12's, K13's, and L91 was about a half mile to the north of the J14's/K14's group. This larger group was first slowly pointed west and then turned north. We left this group at about 1615 and briefly saw L27, L86, and L106 traveling slowly north together about a half mile north of the large group. After a another brief attempt to see the J16's who were spread out again and milling off South Beach, we ended the encounter there 1630.







Dave Ellifrit

Stewart Macintyre

Michelle Thompson


J2, J14, J16, J19, j26, J27, J31, J35, J36, J37, J40, J41, J42, J45, J47, J49, J50, J51, and J52

K12, K13, K14, K20, K22, K25, K26, K27, K33, K34, K36, K37, K38, K42, K43, and K44

L27, L47, L83, L86, L87, L106, and L110

Haro Strait

48 34.76/123 11.35

48 43.23/122 59.49



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Encounter #60 - July 12, 2015

Photos taken under Federal Permits