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Encounter #81 - Aug 8, 2016

Photos taken under Federal Permits



Enc Number:

Start Time:

End Time:






Begin Lat/Long: End Lat/Long:







Dave Ellifrit

Melisa Pinnow

J pod + L87

Haro Strait

48 32.18/123 10.57

48 38.19/123 12.69

Encounter Summary: 

On the morning of August 8th, Melisa and her boyfriend Johnny were watching J pod from shore near False Bay when they spotted someone they did not expect! K26! This meant that K pod was back in the area for the first time in about two months! Melisa and Johnny rushed to the center to alert the others and at 11:48, Dave, Jeff, Melisa, and Johnny departed Snug Harbor aboard Orcinus to document K pod.

The encounter started at 11:59 with K25 northbound off Bellevue Point. More whales were spread out ahead and inshore of him, all northbound with purpose. Orcinus left K25 after a while and moved a little north to K13, and then waited for the other whales to pass by. K27 and K44 moved quickly past, followed by J19s. They milled about Open Bay for a few minutes before continuing north. By 13:24, the J19s had reached Kellett Bluffs. Orcinus let them go and waited for K20 and K38 who were also nearing the bluffs. K38 half breached twice and K20 surfaced with kelp draped around her dorsal fin as they swam along the bluffs.

Orcinus then moved offshore to K34 who was porpoising along to catch up with his family. At 13:57, the K14s were located mid Haro Strait north of Battleship Island. K14 and K36 were traveling tightly together in the lead, with K26, K42, and J39 speeding along behind them. J39 eventually split off and the four K14s grouped up. Another male was spotted behind them and he turned out to be L87, who passed by quickly.

Orcinus then headed back over towards Henry Island and were with the K12s/K22s two miles west of Battleship by 14:24. K12, K37, and K43 were traveling tight in the lead, with K22 and K33 trailing a little behind them, also tight. The K16s and K21 were the only Ks left to check off the list, but reports came in of them way down at Eagle Point with a few Js that had remained at the island. The encounter was ended soon after as the K12s/K22s continued towards Stuart Island.


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